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   Heater Wetsuits for warmth in Spring & Fall

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Eagle Pro Team

Basketball Trickster
 & Motivational Speaker

Eagle Sports is proud to be sponsoring and partnering with Melvin Adams.  Melvin Adams has had the privilege of speaking to over 2,000,000 youth at school assemblies, basketball clinics/camps and other youth events. He has a wide variety of speaking experiences including interviews and guest appearances from all forms of media. Melvin's passion for reaching America's youth has provided countless opportunities to speak, perform and share with groups. 

Eagle is partnering with Melvin to design and produce exciting new basketball t-shirts, arm bands, hats, and more for Melvin to have available at his camps and speaking engagements around the world. Our goal is to take feedback Melvin gets from parents and kids across the country to design basketball apparel that is appealing and uplifting while at the same time helping Melvin establish a recognizable brand in the market.  So be sure to look for the new Melvin Adams apparel at your next youth camp or corporate event. 

Proceeds from apparel sales go to help Melvin continue his cause of helping guide kids and parents in the right direction.  For more information on Melvin, please visit his website at


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