Close-outs, factory blemishes, & more..

   Rated #1 by top footers worldwide

   Rated #1 by top footers worldwide

   Vests, ski socks, & ski bags

   Heater Tops to keep you warm in Spring & Fall

   SUN PROTECTION - Rash Guards, SPF Hoodies

   Limited supplies, they go quick.

   Heater Wetsuits for warmth in Spring & Fall

   Check out Eagle's NEW Ultra-Light Series

   We offer more variety & suits that will last.

   Eliminate bone bruising & surf longer.

   Front zip, breathable, unmatched comfort.

   Shirts, hats, jackets, sweaters.

   More cool stuff to have in your gear bag.

   Great backgrounds for your PC & iPhone

  Latest Eagle Info, Videos, Contests


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Welcome to Eagle Sports Wetsuits & Apparel 

Founded in 1983, Eagle has been designing and building quality products for the watersport and sports apparel industry for over 25 years.  We offer our clients the ability to order a wide variety of products that are all made in the USA.  We offer clients the ability to work directly with the manufacturer to design, produce and distribute from a single location.  Service is our #1 priority.

Eagle Sports is proud to announce our "Spotlight the Artist" slalom vest program.  This program is designed to offer artists, designers, or photographers the opportunity to present one of their paintings, graphic designs, or photos on an Eagle slalom vest.  Every two months, we'll present a new design, along with the artist that created it.  A percentage of the proceeds from the vests sold from the selected artwork will go back to the artist.  Click Here to find out who we're spotlighting this month.

Check out the 2015 Product Catalog

Eagle Sports is proud to sponsor the following events & organizations

The Masters Waterski Tournament

The Malibu Open

Dallas YMCA Camp Grady Spruce
Waterski Camp

The Barefoot Central Freestyle Challenge

The Nautique Big Dawg Slalom Series

The Eagle  Sports
Big Dawg Bounty

The Wisconsin Waterski Federation

The Malibu Boats Atlanta Pro/Am
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